Hi, welcome to my photo gallery! Currently I am showing landscape, culture and portrait photos of Nepal taken during my numerous trekking trips in Nepal over 6 years. I also have an extensive collection of landscape and travel photos from Japan and China, which I plan to exhibit in the future. My favorite photographic medium is Black & White. When I trravel I take both color and B&W photos. For artistic images, however, I always record it on B&W film. I develop and print my own B&W pictures. Unfortunately, due to my busy work schedule these days, I do not spend as much time in the darkroom as I would like.

Part of the joy of photography is to share those images that inspire me with other people, and that is why I am putting these images on the net. However, these images are copyrighted, so please do not reproduce these images for commercial purposes. You may print them out for your own enjoyment or to show friends (and please acknowledge where the pictures came from). That's all.

If you have any business proposals for my photo images, or would like to use my photo for any other purposes other than those mentioned above, please contact me.

If you really like my pictures, please send me an e-mail. That would make my day .  If you have any constructive criticisms of my photography, I would like to hear it too.

You can click on any of the photo link to jump to that picture, and on each photo display page you can click on forward/backward arrow to navigate, or click on HOME button to get back here. Well, let the show begin....


photo1 - Climbers approaching summit

photo2 - Interplay of light and shadow on glacier arch

photo3 - Colorful and lively religious celebrations are common sights in Nepal year-round

photo4 - A little girl carrying her baby brother

photo5 - Two girls playing leap-frog and tumbling in the field

photo6 - Panorama view of Kangchenjunga Glacier and Nepal Peak

photo7 - Climber surrounded by towering peaks and fantastic ice sculptures, Kanchenjunga

photo8 - Moon sets behind rocky Himalayan mountain ridge

photo9 - Glacier Abyss

photo10 - Nepalese ingenuity applied to architecture

photo11 - Nepali children's wonderful smiles greet you everywhere you go

photo12 - Moon sets over snow peaks as morning unfolds in the stillness of Himalayan country

photo13 - A sadhu (holy man) in Pashupathinath

photo14 - The beautiful Cholatse and Tawoche peaks in Khumbu

photo15 - Sunset over the holy Gosainkund Lakes at 4500m

photo16 - Villagers harvesting fall crop in the arid land to Mustang

photo17 - Traveling salesman for kitchenware, Nepalese style

photo18 - Forest in the Kathmandu Valley foothills

photo19 - Ama Dablam from a very different perspective, Khumbu

photo20 - A woman performs her daily prayer

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